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Just two days to go until the “Projects, Portfolios and Peers” event at Brighton’s funky new(ish) Al Campo Lounge. If you’re a photographer and you’d like some new eyes and some feedback on your portfolio, a project you’re working on or just your work in general, why don’t you come along and join us for some laid-back photography chat?  I’ll be one of the key reviewers, along with other local photographers, my colleagues Dade Freeman, Linda Johnstone and Ben Harvey.

The event will start at 7:00pm on this Wednesday, 18th February.  Al Campo Lounge is located at 84-86 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JF.  Sponsors of the evening are the Brighton Photographers Group (BPG) and the National Photographic Society (NPS). Cost is a nominal £5.00.  Click here to register. (If you’re not already a member of the BPG, you’ll have to join; membership is free though.)

For more information, here’s a detailed description of the event, courtesy of Dade at the BPG:

The BPG and NPS believe in the education and practise of photography and this is why for this event we have teamed up with the NPS.

We all create images for different reasons, but rarely do we get the opportunity to have our work scrutinised and get advice on how it could be improved. That is where this Meetup comes in.

I would venture to say that 99% of people cannot impartially critique their own work, and I know from experience that a fresh pair of eyes can often see glaring mistakes we are blind to when looking at our own work.

With this in mind, participants in this meetup are invited to bring with them, and to present, a body of work (maximum 6 images) they would like some feedback on and direction with. Rather than a 1-2-1 feedback approach, each table will have a ‘key reviewer‘ and five participants. After each body of work is presented, the ‘key reviewer‘ will first offer their advice to get the ball rolling, and then throw the table open to the remaining four participants for their input. Each of the five participants at each table will get the opportunity to present their work. Obviously, the critique process is very much reliant on all participants getting involved. Firstly, because it always helps to have other people’s opinions; secondly, because it will help everyone to learn how to be more critical of their work and thirdly, if four eyes are better than two, imagine how good twelve are!!

And now to the images. They might be from a project you are currently working on, from your portfolio or from a collection you can see potential in but would like to progress further. Or they could just be your favourite images to date but which you’d like to know what you could have done differently. We will make editing suggestions for your shots too, if desired.

Attendees are reminded that this Meetup is for their development and no harm or offence is intended by any feedback. The feedback will be constructive but honest. Participants are encouraged to take notes and to ask questions.

Your images should be either printed or brought on a device such as a laptop or standard iPad. Please – no iPhones. They are just too small. Wifi access is available at the location.

Should your collection of images fit into a specific genre, then please note in the Comment section below which reviewer you would like to get feedback from (these requests will be made on a first come, first served basis). The key reviewers all have experience and a good solid understanding of photography, so even if your subject is unique they will still have insights to offer. Each key reviewer will have a maximum of five photographers at their table. 

Dade Freeman – Portraits & Commercial 
Ben Harvey – Landscapes & Architecture  
Linda Johnstone – Animals & Weddings 
Erika Szostak – Weddings & Fashion 

The BPG would like to thank the NPS for their continued support with the BPG and its membership.

There are car parking facilities directly across the road from the venue and it is very close to the train station. 

Sign up here.

Hope to see you there, and I look forward to having a chat about your work.

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